At Bay Healthcare, we are pleased to supply stairlifts Acorn Stairlifts, a leading manufacturer across the globe. Recent statistics have shown a stairlift installation effectively take place approximately every 8 minutes throughout the UK, with 60,000 stairlifts supplied each year.

Although Bay Healthcare is located in Lancaster in Lancashire, we are proud to supply stairlifts globally. We come with over 25 years of experience, receiving various awards and accolades for our services. Not only to we aim to provide affordable stairlifts to homes across the country and beyond, we also maintain a high standard with regards to the service that we provide to our customers, from installation to aftercare.

When you purchase a stairlift from us, we are proud to be able to offer your installation within 24 hours if you choose. We are also able to discuss any financial requirements in order to make sure it is affordable for you. We offer our stairlift home survey free of charge in order to make sure you have the perfect fit. There is also no obligation to purchase your stairlift from us at this stage.

Here at Bay Healthcare, we aim to provide you with a staircase that you can rely on, delivered and installed by our reliable team. We know how vital it is to provide the best customer service possible, and that many senior citizens and elderly people benefit from stairlifts to get up and down in their home. When we assess your staircase, we evaluate any potential obstacles and work out how best to overcome these.  When we fit your stairlift, we attach it to the stairs themselves, as opposed to the wall. Our installations don’t make any changes to the structure of your home, and they are designed to be conveniently slimline, as well as foldable for when not in use. Additionally, there is also the option of installing an extra hinged rail so as to avoid any obstruction or trip hazard.

For more information about our stairlifts, please see our contact page and get in touch with us today.