Sleep with ease with our range of Adjustable Beds

Most of us spend one third of every day in bed.  For seniors, the disabled, and those with chronic health problems, the proportion may be even greater.  And when we spend so much time in one place, it’s important to make the environment as suitable as possible.

A critical factor in achieving the best possible sleep routine is finding a bed which allows an optimum sleeping position.  Everyone sleeps differently, and what is comfortable for one individual may be intolerable to another.  For those with limited mobility, getting into a comfortable sleeping position on a flat surface can be as difficult as trying to curl up on a concrete floor.  For this reason, Bay Healthcare supply electric adjustable beds UK wide.  Our adjustable beds for the elderly and disabled are designed to allow each user to find their perfect sleeping position for the best night’s rest possible, while the raising and lowering function can make it easier to get into and out of bed.

Our customers have noticed many benefits after switching to our adjustable beds.  Some have noted that improved posture has boosted their circulation, resulting in relief from swollen legs and feet.  Some had resorted to propping up their legs with pillows, only to wake up to find their carefully arranged bedding in disarray.  With adjustable beds and mattresses from Bay Healthcare, keeping your legs elevated for the night is a doddle.

For other customers, easier breathing has been one of the primary benefits.  Millions suffer from disturbed sleep due to snoring, allergies, or sleep apnoea.  Sleeping in a slightly raised position can alleviate symptoms by keeping your airways open, and the improved quality of sleep which results from the change can have many other positive health implications.

For anyone with severely limited mobility adjustable beds are often a necessity rather than a luxury.  Some of our customers have regained their independence now that they no longer need someone to help them out of bed in the morning.  And in some cases, the ability to fine-tune their resting position affords them relief from what would otherwise be constant pain.  This includes many who are of advancing age; thanks to adjustable beds UK seniors are able to remain in their own homes and stay active in their communities.

Other conditions which may be alleviated by using adjustable beds and mattresses include back pain and spinal disorders, injuries and surgical recovery, indigestion and acid reflux / heartburn, and joint pain and arthritis.  Of course, all equipment should always be used in line with your doctor’s advice for your personal circumstances.

Adjustable beds are also suitable for anyone who wants complete control over their sleeping position.  Even for those who do not suffer from chronic health conditions, quality of sleep can be a huge factor in maintaining your health and getting the most out of life.  So contact us at Bay healthcare today, we’ll help you choose the best adjustable beds for you and deliver them to your home!